75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
75% White Goose Down Pillow Firm
US $15.24-20.53
100 piece

Item specifics

75% White Goose Down
Filling weight
1000 gram
Port of Shipment
Shanghai or Ningbo
60 degrees centigrade Machine Wash



75% White Goose Down Pillow 
Resilient natural feathers encased in a premium 100% cotton cover provide firm support while a high TC cotton fabric completely prevents quill intrusion through the fabric, allowing you to drift into deep, relaxing sleep
Grey Duck Feather Duvet
• 400TC 100% cotton downproof fabric
• Pure nature filling
75% white goose down filling
• Winter warm pillow
• Good sleep partner
• Downproof treatment
• All sizes,colors and customizations are available
• Machine washable
• Guaranteed for 10 years

We support the quality of our products, and we guarantee that no other retailer can provide a more comfortable goose down pillow.

50 x 70cm

PVC non-woven bag

Leading Time
Winter / Spring / Autumn
Warm / Firm
Normal sleeping pillow
Detailed Drawing
Grey Duck Feather Duvet
Grey Duck Feather Duvet
Grey Duck Feather Duvet
Frequently Asked Questions
What is the Down Pillow?
Down pillow is a very light pillow, and its weight is generally only one-third of the weight of a pillow made of cotton. Good warmth retention, Down pillows are very warm. In the cold winter, many people choose to use down pillows with light texture. It has three-dimensional down and contains a lot of air, which can well block the invasion of cold air.
Good air permeability, the down pillow is also very dry. When people are sleeping, it can quickly absorb the liquid discharged from the human body and discharge it quickly. It can also automatically adjust the temperature inside the quilt, which has the effect of being warm in winter .
Why to choose the Pillow filled with down?
1. Good heat preservation effect
The down pillow has the characteristics of high warmth retention, strong elasticity, high fluffy degree, and light, soft and soft. The down pillow is made from the fluff on the abdomen of goose and duck. It is an animal protein fiber with high heat preservation capacity, light and elastic. It is very comfortable to cover the body, which is not achieved by polyester pillow.

2. More comfortable to use
The down pillow is very breathable, dry, moisture repellent, and not as easy to harden as the polyester pillow. The down pillow has a large air storage capacity and good temperature insulation. It can keep the temperature of the human body in the pillow, and is not easily affected by the indoor temperature. This means that the down pillow can be used in ordinary rooms. It does not have to be used at a very low temperature. It can be used in spring, autumn and winter.

3. Durable
The pillow is very durable and easy to maintain. When using the down pillow at ordinary times, just pay attention not to be scratched by sharp objects, do not directly expose to the sun, and regularly put it in a ventilated place to dry to maintain the down performance. And it can make people stable, and effective sleep aids make people more relaxed.
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