Sunshine alone is not enough in winter, a warm bed is necessary,

Wrapped in a light and soft quilt to feel the optimal temperature is a kind of sleep enjoyment.

A Copy of Gaga's Own Goose Down Care Manual
Sunshine alone is not enough in winter, a warm bed is necessary,
Wrapped in a light and soft quilt to feel the optimal temperature is a kind of sleep enjoyment.
Gaga has always believed that the good life is not about possessions,
It's about sleep and peace of mind.
We have always been committed to incorporating Gaga's artisan culture and sleep philosophy into every goose down comforter, as well as advocating a return to natural sleep experience. From nurturing, gathering, and cleaning of goose down to the complete presentation of a quilt, we have studied every detail in order to provide the warmest goose down bed products.

Such precious materials cannot be taken care of without our care, so we have put together our own goose down care manual.


Folding compresses most of the still air stored in the stoma of the goose down fiber. When we use a new goose down comforter, we need to do a few things:

1.Unfold the goose down quilt and pat each lattice gently to let the air return to the pores of the fluff and restore a certain fluffy; 
2. choose a high-power non-dripping ironing machine (dripping water will leave a watermark), according to every grid of goose down quilt, slowly ironing from top to bottom, smooth the fabric wrinkles;

3. The treated goose down will be hung in a cool and ventilated place for 20 to 30 minutes, so as to completely restore the original shagginess of goose down.

Goose Down Quilt Cleaning and Drying:

Note: goose down can not be dry - cleaned and machine - washed, nor large - area washing.

As a natural animal protein, goose down is rich in oil on its surface. The PCE in most lotions dissolves many of these substances, including animal fat. This will lead to the fluff brittle, broken, loss of fluffiness, thus affecting the warmth of the quilt, high concentration of lotion will also destroy the surface structure of the fabric.

We suggest that when goose down is stained in a small area, it can be partially cleaned with clean water, dried with a low-grade cold air after washing, and then dried in a cool and ventilated place.

Storage and Arrangement of Goose Down:

Note: goose down quilt can not be vacuum storage and weight stacking.

Long-term compression will destroy the accumulated air in the velvet flower, the filling can not be fully stretched, the elasticity of the fiber will be reduced, the shaggy degree will be greatly reduced, so that the warmth, air permeability will be reduced.

So when goose down is put away, first of all, hang in a cool and ventilated place to remove moisture. Fold it and put it in a non-woven dustproof bag in the cabinet. It is not recommended to use plastic bags when storing, because goose down has a high fat content, long-term sealed placement, will produce odor.

Notes on "heterochromatic Velvet"

When receiving goose down quilts, you may notice that there are some black "foreign bodies" in the padding, which are not dirty things, but "heterocolored velvet".

When we collect white goose down, there will be a certain proportion of "heterochromous down", which is the result of the normal growth of nature. Gaga refused to chemically bleach this part of the "heterochromatic velvet", choosing instead to preserve it as a symbol of our natural qualities.

So in addition to the different colors, the different color velvet in the warmth, shagginess, cleanliness and our 95 white goose down are exactly the same. Nor will it have any effect on our physical health.