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What are the main producing areas and processing places of feather downes in the world?

The main production areas are concentrated in Asia and Europe. Asia is represented by the world's largest down and  feather   area, China is representative, as well as Japan, South Korea, Vietnam and Taiwan. At present, China is the world's largest producer, exporter and consumer of down and feather products, exports accounted for more than 70% of the international market share; Europe : Hungary, Poland, Germany, France as representative; in addition, North America, Canada and other countries also produced  down and feather 

How long is the service life of down products?

The service life of duck down products is generally 10-15 years, goose down products can be 20-30 years.

Why do duvets use vertical linings or stereoscopic techniques?

Vertical lining is to add one layer of interlining cloth between two layers of fabrics, it will make a small square between quilt form stereo, then the down feather inside duvet can distribute more even, and the quilt will be more fluffy and warm.

What is the four seasons duvet?

The Four Seasons quilt   also called as  mother and son quilt, which is composed of a summer quilt and a spring & autumn quilt. The four seasons quilt were used in the process of different thickness of the quilt with the use of random, not only increase the utilization rate of the quilt, but also make it easier and more convenient to receive and arrange the quilt, the four seasons quilt were able to reduce a lot of housework, efficient use of space.

If the duvet suitable for washing ?

Duvets are not recommended for washing. Because the fabric will be damaged by washing, and washing will increase the gap between the yarn, then down will go through the fabric. If Down cluster is washed in washing machine, under the power of rotation, Down cluster will lead to part of the down fiber , which will lower fillpower,then decrease the warmth of duvet  .

What is Living plucking?

"Live plucking" originated in the eastern European countries in the depilation period to assist its shedding of the ancient customs, only exists in a very few goose populations. Since it was introduced into China in the last century, "live plucking " has not been widely adopted by goose farmers because it is contrary to animal welfare protection and will have high production cost.  Since 2009, with the attention and supervision of animal protection organizations and the call  "reject live poultry products" from China Down Industry Association,  "live plucking" has hardly gained a foothold in China's down industry.

What is Fillpower?

FILLPOWER refers to the amount of down in cubic inches per ounce (28.35 grams) under certain conditions. If an ounce of down takes up 500 cubic inches of space, then it is said  have  500 Fillpower. So we can simply see it as: Fillpower is the volume of down. The Fillpower is the most important index to determine the quality of down. if the down content and weight is same,then The higher  Fillpower mean better  warmth and comfort  , and the quality of down is higher.

What is the advantage of down?

Down is PURE natural. Down is a by-product(side products) of poultry industry, containing at least 80%   protein, so down is natural products and can be natural degradation.Down is sustainable. It's longterm demand for goose and duck meat , and down is the most comfortable and warm natural insulation material, down products have a stable market demand, so down and feather production will be permanent and sustainable  .Down have strong resilience  , high fluffy. Polyester Fiber, cotton, wool, silk and other linear fibers have poor pressure resistance, easy to knot, material degradation fast; Down look like three-dimensional structure and rich in non-flowing air,   will not knot after perennial use,   its function can keep longer.Down have lower flammable. Down is animal protein and does not flame  below 100 degrees Celsius temperatures, so it can pass the flammability test, but other materials, especially man-made material, must do fire retardant treatment if need pass . Like California in USA, the duvet with down fill don't need do  flammability test. Down has good moisture absorption and humidity elimination function. The three-dimensional structure of down have large  surface area , so the moisture will release soon after   absorbing water  , in addition, Down contains  some  oil, the oil itself have good moisture absorption and humidity elimination.

What is the MOQ for your production?

The MOQ depends your requirement for color, size, material and so on. For some normal items, we have stock, will have no MOQ requirement.